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Awakened Embrace

Sarah Bouloy

What does it feel like to live a life with freedom and joy? At my lowest point, I asked myself this question, and I found the answer!

Welcome to Awakened Embrace! Offering powerful subconscious reprogramming sessions to release anxiety, emotional pain, anger and sadness. Get ready to release the wounds of your past. It is possible to heal with grace. I did it and will guide you to do the same. 

Discover what it feels like to give your desires a voice and live each day with passion and purpose!

Dance Even Though He Said You Couldn’t


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About Sarah Bouloy

Sarah’s primary struggle resulted from childhood abuse. She was removed from her home at 6 years old, along with her 3 younger brothers, placed in the foster care system then later adopted.

Sarah has overcome a 15-year addiction to alcohol and has transformed her life, now embracing a healthy lifestyle and daily spiritual practice. Through this journey, she has let go of a victim mentality and discovered her true power as a Divine Spiritual Being.

She currently provides powerful Spiritual Psychology Coaching sessions, where she incorporates Universal Law and the creative process to guide her clients.

Sarah is not only a remarkable individual but also a talented speaker and best-selling author of the co-authored book A Bigger Mission. You can connect with her on Facebook at Awakened Embrace Sarah Bouloy and on Instagram @sarahbouloy.

Transformation Through Movement

6-Month Course



Over the course of our 6-month journey, you’ll learn to:
  1. Take full responsibility for your life.
  2. Recognize how life got the way it is now.
  3. Understand the creative process.
  4. Embody Universal Law and master using these laws to create a life you love.
  5. Find forgiveness for yourself and others.
  6. Become your own best friend.
  7.  Reprogram your subconscious mind to banish self-doubt and limiting beliefs.
  8. Let go of insecurities and step into your Divine power.
  9. Heal from past traumas that may have hindered your performance.
  10. Gain clarity on your core values and commitments, guiding you towards success.
  11. Establish loving and healthy boundaries.
  12. Release negative energies from past lives that may have influenced your self-image.
  13. Embrace and fulfill your purpose.
  14. Craft a powerful Life’s Purpose Statement that reflects your passion for life.

Dr. Gabor Maté

“Trauma is not what happens to you. Trauma is what happens inside you as a result of what happens to you.”

Henry ford

” Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

mahatma ghandi

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Why Choose Me

Transformation Through Movement
I lovingly hold you in prayer with Spiritual Mind Treatment. This is a scientific form of prayer which directs energy upon Universal Law for a specific manifestation and demonstration. I perform this treatment during our sessions together.
I teach you the breath work and meditation I practice daily to decalcify the pineal gland, activating the third eye. This process has completely reset my nervous system and altered my perception of reality.
I teach Universal Law and the creative process in the individual. Learn how to work within the natural laws of the Universe to create the life you desire.

Personal Coaching

Today, I accept all parts of who and what I am and show up authentically. I am able to accept people, places, and things exactly as they are. I’ve let go of expectations of others and continue to focus solely on who and what I am committed to being. As a result, I attract what I desire most, because I’ve become that. I diligently practice not attaching meaning to others’ opinions. Do I do what I just mentioned perfectly? No. However, I see my perfection in my imperfection and hold myself accountable to my commitments. When I experience something out of alignment for me, I promptly admit it, learn from the experience and move on. Does living this way sound like what you’ve been searching for? A personal coaching experience like no other awaits you, the time is now!
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