About Sarah

I know what it feels like to experience anxiety daily.

I felt powerless to change my circumstances. I was insecure, socially awkward, highly sensitive and emotional, often hurt and angry at the people closest to me, and always begging for an escape from my life.

Now, I show up in life joyfully and peacefully, I face my fears and move forward in faith, because I know the truth of who I Am! It is my mission to help you awaken to your Divinity and support you on your journey of discovering the truth for yourself.

At the age of 6, I was removed from my home, along with my three younger brothers, due to various degrees of physical, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse. We were placed into an orphanage and later separated into different foster care families. However, miraculously we were brought back together when we were all adopted by a loving couple who already had two daughters of their own.

Throughout my childhood, I was adamant about setting myself apart. I struggled with feeling like the black sheep of my family. I wore this label proudly, but also resented it, yearning to be loved and accepted. My rebellious nature led to constant confrontations with my strict and religious parents, which often resulted in harsh punishments. I remember my upbringing feeling like boot camp or prison, and this feeling had a lasting impact on my relationship with my family, especially with my mother.

By the time I reached 17 years old, I was desperate to break free from this environment, and I made the decision to run away from home. This created a significant distance between me and my siblings, and for many years our interactions were closely monitored, with me being seen as a bad influence.

I was introduced to alcohol and found what I had been searching for, an escape. Alcohol became my best friend. I worked hard and played hard. I didn’t view my drinking as a problem or an issue until it became a full blown dependency, where I needed it to stop myself from shaking and feeling like I was going to pass out. I needed to drink to feel normal and to function in my life.

After losing my youngest brother to suicide I spiraled into profound anxiety, depression, guilt, shame and the escalation of my experience of addiction to alcohol. Through this tragedy, I eventually discovered I had a desire to live and experience joy and freedom. I had witnessed what harboring hatred and resentment can lead to, and although I sought the same outcome for awhile, that would not be my fate. I had a choice to make. It wasn’t and easy one, but I committed to quitting drinking and was able to stop abruptly. 

Through a radical shift in consciousness and a commitment to change, I realized I had the power to rewrite my story. For a long time, I blamed my upbringing for my circumstances, believing I had no ability to evolve or change. I lacked self-confidence and trust in myself, feeling as though my dreams were unattainable. But I’ve come to understand that through doing my inner trauma work, my limiting beliefs that were lurking beneath the surface preventing me from me reaching my goals could be uprooted and reprogrammed. With deep inner healing, determination, and support, dreams do become a reality.

Once I embraced a sober and health-conscious lifestyle, everything changed. I developed a newfound drive to pursue my dreams, surrounded myself with a supportive community, and started taking steps toward my goals. The challenges I faced in life, including the devastating loss of my youngest brother to suicide, forced me to question and seek out the deeper truths of my existence. It was this journey of self-discovery and forgiveness that led me to unlock my true potential.

I am determined to shine brightly in this world. My experiences have taught me resilience, compassion, and the power of forgiveness. Now, I am living a life fully empowered and passionate about helping others find their own path toward healing and personal growth.

I look forward to connecting with you on this incredible journey of life!

Who I work with:

Ladies, you suffered an abusive childhood and memories from your past haunt your daily life.

You appear to have it all together on the outside but you are angry on the inside! Angry, knowing you are settling for far less than you deserve in life and in your relationships. You’ve battled with the relationship with your mother and that has carried into your romantic partnerships, often attracting toxic, narcissistic men. You have difficulty regulating your emotions and experience feelings of anxiety often.

You want to scream your desires from the mountaintop, because for far too long you’ve suffered in silence. What you do ask for goes unmet and your resentment keeps building. You’ve questioned your value and your worth and struggle with self-confidence.

You have trouble setting and respecting your boundaries and asking for what you want. You’re often passive-aggressive or sometimes react in a full-blown rage as enough is enough.

Now you have a strong desire to get out of your own way, face your fears, and discover your voice. You desire to be listened to, understood, and cherished. You desire to treat others the way you want to be treated without fear of being left. Together we will address your mother wound, and experiences of self-abandonment, codependency, body image, and more. You will learn to become your own best friend and embody self-love.

Personal Coaching

Starting now, begin being mindful of meeting your own needs and filling your cup. One way to begin putting yourself first is to set boundaries. This can include saying “no” to requests that don’t align with your values or goals or simply taking time for yourself to relax and recharge. It’s so important to practice self-care, such as getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, eating healthy, and engaging in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. A personal coaching experience like no other awaits you, the time is now!

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